Our passion

is to ensure the development of new, unusual and innovative communication ideas as well as refining and re-designing existing ones.

Our philosophy is interdisciplinary and we are constantly on the lookout for unique, individual solutions. This way, we can make sure that your company and your products are permanently competitive and your customers are always inspired!

Our aim is to clearly define the goal, which we will gladly work with you. The clearer the definition, the easier, more creative - and more successful is the solution.

Through the dedicated efforts from our motivated and pragmatic team, you will hire an agency whose employees work in a close and trusting cooperation, as well as having a comprehensive understanding and a distinct sense for both the clients brand and consumer markets.

Convince yourself!

Wolfgang Schaper

Senior Artdirector, Graduate Graphic designer, owner

Christina Heun
Artdirector, Graphic designer


Corporate Design Workshops

A corporate design is not just an end in itself. It promotes a company’s image, creates trust in a brand, increases the company profile with the help of positioning and – last but not least – it induces employees to identify with the company.

We are hardly at liberty to influence the thoughts of other people – but are very much able to influence our own and, therefore, our concept of ourselves! Specifically, the way we present ourselves now and who we want to be in the future.

And if the positioning of a brand is not clear, communication is a result of chance.

With this in mind, we conduct corporate workshops with as many of our customers’ stakeholders as possible so we may discover where their company stands in terms of public perception, where it wishes to develop and what messages can be derived from this.

Workshops such as these provide an ideal platform for developing strategic corporate design. In addition, as an output – we call this rebriefing – they are a shared understanding between customer and service provider of the design task and the overall approach.

We are also happy to organise such a process of self-discovery with your company.

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